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Meade DS-2130 ATE
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Yahoo Groups

The Meade-DS group had more information on all DS series scopes. This group was deleted by Yahoo for some unknown reason but the moderator started another group with archives of the old posts to take its place, called MeadeDS

Another group has also been created on Yahoo to support the DS series of scopes and is called Meade-DS-Telescopes. This seems to be the more active DS group.

The Autostar mailing list is for the discussion of the Meade microprocessor-controlled Autostar and Autostar II.

The purpose of this group is to share information, tips, and resources to permit owners and users of Meade 4504 and other Meade 4.5" Newtonian Reflector Telescopes make optimal use of their equipment.

Creative and economical computerizing of your telescope mount!This group is the official Roboscopes non-commercial co-op technical support discussion group, replacing the RoboScopes group what was lost by Yahoo. The primary focus of this group is the creative and inexpensive retrofit of Meade Autostar GOTO control to the popular Vixen GP-style mounts.

Meade-Uncensored is a group to talk about anything Meade.

Discussion of the Meade ETX telescope and accessories.

Related web sites

The site for ETX, DS and Autostar info!

A few sites on collimating your scope.  Yes, you must do this to get the most out of your scope!

Some ideas on modifications to improve contrast. Blacker blacks and brighter whites!


Keeping your optics clean.

Upgrade to better eyepieces. Value = superior quality + resonable prices.
(dont forget to use the Eyepiece Comparison Spreadsheet to determin which eyepiece is best for you)