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Meade DS-2130 ATE

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* Meade Model DS-2130ATE
* 5" Primary Mirror FL 1020mm
* Autostar (494 controller)
* Star Locater software included
* 3 .965 eyepeices included - 4mm, 12.5mm, and a 25mm
* 3X Barlow
* Monochrome digital eyepiece for displaying images on your computer, or VCR / TV

I've been told by Meade that the DS-2XXX series scopes are not compatible with the Autostar #495/497 controller. As for the DS-2130, if the gear ratios are changed to +01.15500 for azimuth and +00.84057 for altitude the high end autostars work fine.

Update: Meade has released new firmware, V. 22et, for the Autostar which now includes support for the new DS-2xxx series scopes.


Control panel

Alt clutch

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