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Are you getting paid to use the Internet? Do you have a web page?

GET PAID TO SURF THE WEB is a new kind of Internet company that pays its
members whenever they are online. It's absolutely free and takes
less than a minute to join (no survey to fill out).

View a 3 minute video clip about AllAdvantage from ZDTV's show MoneyMachine
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Go to for more information and to sign up. Then place a banner ad from the AllAdvantage Webmaster program on your home page to let all your visitors sign up inder you!
(They pay you for referrals as well as surfing --"All" Advantage.)

Thank you,
ID# BMH - 302

Please use my User ID as a referral when signing up.

Advertisers will pay you to look at their banner adds, $.50 per hour up to $20 per month!
Refer a friend and get an additional $.10 for every hour they are on!


AllAdvantage is a new way for you to make money by simply surfing the web. Yes its another banner ad to look at but this one pays you $.50 per hour!!! make money in your spare time with alladvantage

Want to make a LOT more than $.50 an hour? Its simple, tell all your friends about AllAdvantage, place a banner on your own web page, hand out flyers, put up pull off ads at your school, etc. Each direct referral you make can mean up to $4 per month for YOU, and each referral they make can be another $2 for YOU. This can add up quickly, just 10 direct referrals could be another $40 in your pocket each month!! And if they each tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends, and so on....well, you get the idea

If you join through this page and want to earn more than just $20.00 each month and would like help setting up your own web page, or need a printable flyer or pull tab advertisement feel free to leave your email address on the message center and I'll talk you through setting up a free web page or send you the file. (OK, even if you didn't sign up under me I'll help you out, after all is an online family of sorts) Then again, if you already signed up without using someone's referral id and don't have any referrals yet it would be really cool if you canceled your account and singed up under me before getting a few hundred referrals under you :)
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